2015 Pantless Subway Ride

So this is not related to jazz or photos so much, but yesterday was the 14th annual pantless subway ride. I guess I can make this jazz related because I ran into a bassist on the way, who of course I told I’ve been too busy taking care of Thelonious and I guess I just […]


Bean and the Boys   Recently updated !

I got a chance to check out Eric Reed do 110th and Bean, Coleman Hawkins’ 110th birthday celebration. Eric Reed on the keys, Seamus Blake on sax, Dezron Douglas on bass, Willie Jones III on Drums

Bruce Harris Sextet @ Minton’s

So last week, November 6 I went to go check out Bruce Harris new weekly gig at Minton’s. It was his first night performing there and it was a pretty decent set. I’m not sure how I feel about the photos taken, however, I am still playing around with them.



It Don’t Mean a Thing…

Pretty soon I will upload some photos. I have some taken from a workshop about three months ago I’ve been meaning to process. Live has gotten in the way of me actually updating this, however it hasn’t been forgotten.

Kevin Harris, Why Not Jazz Room

Today I’ll probably be checking out a Kevin Harris at the Why Not Jazz Room. He’s a piano player, I might even have a picture or two of him somewhere on this site, that I met while taking photos of Cyrus at the Jazz Standard. I haven’t been going out much as of late, with […]

Cynthia Eytina

A Great Day in Harlem

So last Wednesday, I had a photoshoot with jazz singer Cynthia Eytina. Randomly walked around Harlem and scouted out good locations for a shoot, and ended up with some great pictures. It was a fun shoot, hoping I can get more in the future, but with a newborn at home time outside of the house […]