It Don’t Mean a Thing…

Pretty soon I will upload some photos. I have some taken from a workshop about three months ago I’ve been meaning to process. Live has gotten in the way of me actually updating this, however it hasn’t been forgotten.


Kevin Harris, Why Not Jazz Room

Today I’ll probably be checking out a Kevin Harris at the Why Not Jazz Room. He’s a piano player, I might even have a picture or two of him somewhere on this site, that I met while taking photos of Cyrus at the Jazz Standard. I haven’t been going out much as of late, with […]

A Great Day in Harlem

So last Wednesday, I had a photoshoot with jazz singer Cynthia Eytina. Randomly walked around Harlem and scouted out good locations for a shoot, and ended up with some great pictures. It was a fun shoot, hoping I can get more in the future, but with a newborn at home time outside of the house […]

Cynthia Eytina


I haven’t updated this thing in, how long? I’ve been busy. Well, if by busy you mean pregnant. Lol. But yes, two months ago I gave birth to a baby boy named after a certain Monk like piano player… I haven’t been out much since but I am out right now (as in right this […]

Jonathan Saraga at Tomi Jazz

November 2, 2013 I am heading over to Tomi Jazz to see Jonathan Saraga play with his trio, featuring Jonathan Saraga on trumpet, Walter Stinson on bass, and Matt Honor on drums. I’ll bring my camera to capture some photos, hopefully the place is nicely lit. I’ve never been before so one can hope : […]

Jonathan Saraga at Tomi Jazz


Louis Hayes Photos are being processed!

So, this weekend I went to see Louis Hayes at Dizzy’s. My friend Dezron was playing and he invited me to swing by so I said sure why not. I went Saturday and Sunday, Sunday, bringing my camera that Sunday. It was a great show ( even though they skipped over a measure while playing […]