Jonathan Saraga at Tomi Jazz

October 22, 2013

November 2, 2013 I am heading over to Tomi Jazz to see Jonathan Saraga play with his trio, featuring Jonathan Saraga on trumpet, Walter Stinson on bass, and Matt Honor on drums.

Jonathan Saraga at Tomi Jazz

I’ll bring my camera to capture some photos, hopefully the place is nicely lit. I’ve never been before so one can hope : fingers crossed : Other than that there is not much on my radar. Later tonight I’m debating going to the Blue Note to see the Dizzy Gillespie tribute, where Roy Hargrove and Cyrus Chestnut will be playing tonight. I’m still on the fence about it…

I saw Ravi Coltrane a few weeks ago, ran into Savion Glover who kinda made me feel like an idiot because I recognized him from somewhere but could quite place it. Other than that I’ve been largely ghost from going out or doing things… But pretty soon I shall have updates!

Louis Hayes Photos are being processed!

September 17, 2013

So, this weekend I went to see Louis Hayes at Dizzy’s. My friend Dezron was playing and he invited me to swing by so I said sure why not. I went Saturday and Sunday, Sunday, bringing my camera that Sunday. It was a great show ( even though they skipped over a measure while playing Lush Life, lol ) and I took some hopefully ok photos.

The band was  Louis Hayes on drums, Abraham Burton on saxophone, Steve Nelson on vibraphone, Anthony Wonsey on piano and Dezron Douglas on bass. I was at the bar since tickets were reservations were sold out but the seats were great ( right by the drums ) lol. The only issue is I dont have too many good photos of Anthony Wonsey, the pianist. He was all the way on the other side of the room and there was no way I could position myself to get decent photos of him :-(

Anyways, check out the gallery, I think I got some decent shots! I will probably add more when I have a chance to edit/process them.

Louis Hayes and the Jazz Communicators

September 16, 2013

So yesterday and the day before I went to Dizzy’s to see the legendary Louis Hayes. I brought my camera so once I transfer photos to my hard drive I will be working on updating the pictures. The band included Louis Hayes on drums, Abraham Burton on saxophone, Steve Nelson on vibraphone, Anthony Wonsey on piano and Dezron Douglas on bass. I hope I got some good shots. Other than that, there isn’t much on my radar going on in the next couple weeks. I have a friend that is performing at Dizzy’s coming up, and I plan to check that out, but I will probably leave my camera at home that day.

Bruce Harris Quintet at Smalls

August 13, 2013

So I have uploaded a few pics to the website. Went to Smalls on Sunday to see Bruce Harris, who I am also studying trumpet with. The band was
Bruce Harris – Trumpet
Andy Farber – Tenor Sax
Jeb Patton – Piano
David Wong – Bass
Peter Van Nostrand – Drums

So I have more pics to edit and upload then I have to add tags but go check them out. My favorite so far is

I just like the skull on the bracelet lol. Oh well. It has a high voodoo look to it.

The Bruce Harris Quintet @ Smalls

August 11, 2013

So I’m planning on going to see my trumpet guy, the person I’m studying trumpet lessons with at Smalls tomorrow. I will probably bring my camera so that means new pics will be coming soon! Maybe. I’ve been trying to get better at this photography thing because I personally think all my photos are horrible, but I guess the best way to learn is to continue doing it.

I realize 90% of my photos are tilted so I will try to step away from doing that. I don’t know, it may be over kill but I feel like it adds action to the shots. However, when I go tomorrow I’m going to keep it in mind to try and have a better eye for whats going on. Hopefully something good comes of it.

I’m going to be working on doing a new website for Bruce too. The domain name has been brought and he will have a website at once I am finished designing it. Other than that I am planning on checking out trumpeter Jonathan Saraga in the upcoming weeks, so those will be some more opportunities for me to take photos. I’ve been slacking the last few weeks or so but I’m dealing with a new promotion at my day job ( yay ) which means I will have less down time during the day. But, I will be able to work from home on Wednesdays once HR does the final approval so hopefully that will add some more time to my availability to update my site.

I really do envy the people who make it a living to do music. It is a hard gig. I’m struggling trying to get decent in trumpet and piano and it really is no joke. If any of you come to check out my blog, I just hope you know I really appreciate the music and the hard work and dedication you put into your lives to entertain me.