A Great Day in Harlem

So last Wednesday, I had a photoshoot with jazz singer Cynthia Eytina. Randomly walked around Harlem and scouted out good locations for a shoot, and ended up with some great pictures.

Cynthia Eytina

It was a fun shoot, hoping I can get more in the future, but with a newborn at home time outside of the house is getting to be few and far in between.

The week before I did do a shoot for another friend of mine, Kazz Sapp, who is working on something having to do with the Institutional Memory Of Jazz. Also working on him for the website but waiting to put content up there. Soon, I will have photos added from that shoot. Currently they are sitting on my computer and not being worked on. Unfortunately my laptop screen cracked and its been a bit hard going trying to find another with an updated version of Photoshop that works with the raw images from a Canon 7D…. Oh wells.

I need to start working on this site more and I’m sorry posts have been few and far in between, but I hope you enjoy the pics I took of Cynthia. Sometime soon I will have pics from Kazz’s workshop. Until next time!

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