Bean and the Boys

Sunday, I got a chance to check out Eric Reed do 110th and Bean, Coleman Hawkins’ 110th birthday celebration. The band that night was Eric Reed on the keys, Seamus Blake on sax, Dezron Douglas on bass, Willie Jones III on Drums. I saw the show Thursday night too but didn’t have my camera, Thursday it was Tivon Pennicott on sax, and I think the rest of the band was the same. Sunday, Lummie Spann also got into the mix, along with two other singers, Stephanie Fisher and¬†Marianne Solivan. I dragged my friend down and it was a pretty chill night. Got some good photos. heard some great music, and then went home. In retrospect I should have probably come Saturday since the Monday after was going to be the first day at a new job, but I got though everything ok, albeit me being a bit tired and conking out halfway though the day on Monday. oh well.

The gig was the first I’ve shot with my new Canon 5D Mark II which i picked up used from BHPhoto. I brought it because it supposed to handle low light photography better than my 7D. So far after initially looking at the shots it looks like it might. I’m working on photos for it, but I still have updates to make to the last gallery, color corrections and such… I will get to all of that, eventually…

However,¬†check it out…

[nggallery id=21]

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