Bruce Harris Sextet @ Minton’s

So last week, November 6 I went to go check out Bruce Harris new weekly gig at Minton’s. It was his first night performing there and it was a pretty decent set.

Bruce Harris Sextet at Minton's, 11/6/2014

Later on I followed Bruce to Dizzy’s so that I could be grab a ride closer to the train station I needed and saw the late night set there. I unfortunately don’t remember who was playing, but they opened it up and Bruce played on a few songs and then a few other musicians closed the night out there. I did happen to catch a few pictures at Minton’s, which I have uploaded to a gallery. I also have pictures to update, as I haven’t uploaded the pics from seeing Kevin Harris ( no relationship to Bruce ) at the Why Not Jazz Room. Sorry – The photos are coming slowly. I am having a few laptop issues and┬áhaven’t had much time to work on anything.

Speaking of work, I start a new job in a week or so. I am excited to be taking the position of Web Developer at Solidoodle, a 3d printer company. I am hoping I can print a bust of Lionel Richie’s head, a la the one sculpted in the music video for Hello.

I’m not sure how I feel about the photos taken, however, I am still playing around with them. I recently purchased a student license for PhotoNinja, and that is what I used to edit the latest photos. I am new to using PhotoNinja, so i expect I will have to play around a lot to get used to editing it to my liking. There are some things I would like to be able to do, but I have to research to see how to do it using a new app.

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