Cyrus Chestnut @ the Jazz Standard

Yesterday I went to the Jazz Standard to go see Cyrus Chestnut along with singer Rockell Scott at the Jazz Standard. The band was

It was a great show, and I’m going back there tonight, but I am glad to have been able to take photos. I’m really beginning to hate places that have a no photography policy, but great lighting on the bandstand. I’ve been to the standard a few times before and its a nice spot, but I keep on forgetting they don’t allow people to take photos.

HOWEVER. Mr. Chestnut gave me permission to do it ( THANK YOU!!!! ) At first I wasn’t even going to bother to ask because as I got to the club and sat down in my seat, the woman across from me said with a condescending tone “You’re not going to take photos, ARE YOU? I don’t want to be in trouble with the staff because YOU are breaking the rules.” I told that if I take photos it depends on a few things but I do know several of the people playing and I if they have a no photography policy I’ll ask them if it is ok. So she asks me who I am working for, ( um nobody. I’m here for fun. To enjoy the music and capture the energy that is given off during a performance. ) and I tell her, well, I know Dezron and Bruce, and I’ve spoken to Cyrus and Neal before and they do know who I am, kinda, so yeah I’m sure I could ask and they wouldn’t mind. She continues to go on a rant about breaking the rules to the point where a nice stranger at the bar offered me a seat by her since the woman wouldn’t shut up. Fortunately, she had ordered food which was late and her arguments were moved to how ridiculous it is that her food is taking so long to come. But yes, I’m glad I was able to and I’m happy I stayed for all three sets. I will be there tonight also sans camera ( or maybe I should bring it just in case, I’m not sure. ) Anyways. I will upload photos from the show as I process them. I think I got some great shoots and I so happy I was able to do it. Once again, thank you to the band for providing us with great music ( IMO Bruce Harris is a beast on the trumpet, Dezron Douglas is always great on the bass, I haven’t seen much of Neal Smith but hes cool too, and Cyrus Chestnut is great on the keys. Apparently the singer, Rockell Scott is a new comer and she was great too ) For the third set some “friends” showed up and played along for one song, The guy doubling on piano name was Kevin Harris, Lummie Spann on Sax,  Tabari Lake on Bass, and I have to confirm the drummer name but I will update it as soon as i find that out.

But, what about the photos?!?! Yes I know this is a photography blog. I will post them as I process them. I’ve shot about 9 gigabytes worth of photos so yeah. Its going to be a while to process and cherry pick the best ones. I hope you enjoy them!!

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