Last Night i had some downtime on the site as I had inadvertently messed things up trying to get a WordPress install ready for a revamp. It ending up speeding up the revamping process, and after all is said-and-done, I now have a sexy new template with slideshows for the photo gallery and whatnot. I’ve been trying to find the time to go though older images and post them into galleries, but that will take a bit more time. However, the site is now more polished. I also registered the domain and forward traffic from there to here, because its a lot easier to say than “hey, you know the roman numerals for 2 5 and 1? ii v i? add photos to that that is my website!!!”. Anyways, vist the Photo Gallery, see some decent pics and changes made with the revamp. If you are browsing from a mobile device you can swipe though a gallery, and there is now a better slideshow installed. I am still in the process of tweaking the site so if it looks weird come back in a few minutes I am probably working on it.

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