Eddie Henderson Workshop

So recently I’ve been trying to get my trumpet on more often and yesterday I was participating in a Big Band workshop led by Jimmy Cozier. Afterward they were having a workshop led by Eddie Henderson so I figured I might as well go. I had my Tiny PAS camera on me, and Jimmy asked if I could take some pics so I said sure why not. First time using the thing. The camera is a Canon Powershot ELPH 110HS. I am a bit upset that the CDHK isn’t available for the camera, which would allow me to do so much more with the tiny little camera than I can currently do. Anyways, I’ll get over it. It is an OK camera just to have something to shoot with if I don’t feel like lugging my SLR around. Anyways. There is a new gallery with the photos from the workshop, check it out… Nothing spectacular, just a bunch of dudes getting their Jazz Learning on.

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