So, I temporary reactivated my Facebook page in hopes of finding someone I know, and I was excited to find out that Ben Williams is using one of my photos as his profile picture. Lol, so far I’ve had three people use a photo I’ve taken as their image. Satish Robertson, EJ Strickland, and Ben Williams. It’s exciting to know that someone likes your work enough to make it their “image”

I like the image, although I guess it is a bit on the “dark side” but whatever, I probably shouldn’t pick at all the things I think is wrong with it. Lol. This was taken at Smalls Jazz Club which is a pretty cool place to go 🙂 I have a few other images from that night which were good, I’m sure you can go to the gallery and see them : hint hint : lol

Anyways, other updates, I am back in school now so I have severely limited the amount of time I have to go out 🙁 I hope to put some new pictures up but that requires me to find out whats going on and to actually show up with my camera. I’ve been trying to play more too on the trumpet so when I do go out I usually have my horn with me instead of my camera. But, one of these days I’ll pack it up and go take some photos.

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