Kevin Harris, Why Not Jazz Room

Today I’ll probably be checking out a Kevin Harris at the Why Not Jazz Room. He’s a piano player, I might even have a picture or two of him somewhere on this site, that I met while taking photos of Cyrus at the Jazz Standard. I haven’t been going out much as of late, with a baby at home and all. I did go out Monday to go see Bruce Harris perform at Apotheke. He has a weekly gig there but hes off to Japan or something so I figured I’d see him before he goes. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any pictures despite bringing my camera. ( I hate dimly lit places… ) but It was a fun night none-the-less. When he gets back I’ll go again, despite it not being my type of venue. ( Too many people ). They did do the 90’s R&B hip hop thing and I haven’t seen that in YEARS.

Looks like I’m seeing a bunch of Harris’ this week. I should somehow squeeze going to Barry Harris’ class in there 😛 Anyways, I will drag my camera out tonight too. Hopefully I might be able to get some decent pics and if so, new images will be coming.

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