Looking For Gigs

So I’ve been asking all my musician friends if they have any gigs coming up that they would like me to shoot. So far I haven’t gotten many responses. A friend is playing with Cyrus Chestnut at the Jazz Standard the week of my birthday, starting June 28th, but unfortunately for me I’ll be leaving and going out of town June 29th. However, if he gets a gig he invited me to come shoot it, from what I gather its a release party or something. I don’t know, lol. I’ll add more info once I find out myself.

Other than that, today is the Gay Pride parade. I had wanted to go, as I rememeber years ago being inspired by the book The Last Sunday in June which I had come across years back in Barnes and Nobel. It features photography from the parade and all the crazyness that goes with it. I have shot pics at the parade maybe twice. It is a fun parade to go to if you don’t mind half naked people, lol.

Anyways, I am on a search for gigs to shoot around the New York area. If you know of any, or would like me to shoot something for you, let me know.

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