New Photos, University of the Streets

So two weeks ago I had went to go see Gerald Clayton perform at the Jazz Gallery. I had brought my camera to possibly take pictures but I didn’t get decent seats and because it was a piano-other-instrument duo the CLICK CLICK CLICK of the shutter would have been too loud for my comfort in the small space that is ( was, they are moving ) the Jazz Gallery. However, the night did not go pictureless because I did go to the University of the Streets with my trumpet to play, and had the opportunity to take pictures while I was there. I try to show up every week to jam with my friends, and its an pretty cool open environment. Personally I think I suck when it comes to playing trumpet, but I feel comfortable going there and joining in. Even if I didn’t, Bernard, the guy that leads the session, would let me stay if I didn’t play on something lol.

Anyways, I didn’t get many pictures but yes, check out the few I’ve posted. I hope you enjoy.

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