Eddie Henderson Workshop

So recently I’ve been trying to get my trumpet on more often and yesterday I was participating in a Big Band workshop led by Jimmy Cozier. Afterward they were having a workshop led by Eddie Henderson so I figured I might as well go. I had my Tiny PAS camera on me, and Jimmy asked […]

New Photos, University of the Streets

So two weeks ago I had went to go see Gerald Clayton perform at the Jazz Gallery. I had brought my camera to possibly take pictures but I didn’t get decent seats and because it was a piano-other-instrument duo the CLICK CLICK CLICK of the shutter would have been too loud for my comfort in […]


So, I temporary reactivated my Facebook page in hopes of finding someone I know, and I was excited to find out that Ben Williams is using one of my photos as his profile picture. Lol, so far I’ve had three people use a photo I’ve taken as their image. Satish Robertson, EJ Strickland, and Ben […]

Looking For Gigs

So I’ve been asking all my musician friends if they have any gigs coming up that they would like me to shoot. So far I haven’t gotten many responses. A friend is playing with Cyrus Chestnut at the Jazz Standard the week of my birthday, starting June 28th, but unfortunately for me I’ll be leaving […]

Previous Pictures

So, I have finally uploaded a few photos and I am almost ready to get this site started. I created this site to showcase photos I’ve taken at various jazz events I’ve gone to. Photography is one of my hobbies, and when I have the time I also like to play trumpet a bit, but […]