Random Pics

So last week ( or the week before. One of those weeks ) I was in charge of shooting some photos at the session I go to pretty much every week, at JC Studios. I must say I don’t exactly like taking photos with an unfamiliar camera, but hey, a camera is a camera is a camera. Jimmy Cozier, the person that leads the session said the next week they cam out great, so I may be posting them on my website. I just need to get a copy of them from him. I do know he posted them on his facebook page. I have taken a few of the photos from there. There is also a random photo of me while counting rests during a song during big band rehearsal….

Big Band Rehersal at JC Sound Studios
Lol, I’m the one on the far right looking cute while counting something like 80 measures of rest during a song…. Had to dress attractive to distract someone in the saxophone section, but that’s a whole ‘nother story 😛

Once I get the images, I’ll probably post them up there. I should travel more with my camera. Last night I went to Smalls to see Stafford Hunter Quintet. The band was Stafford Hunter on Trombone, Todd Bashore on Alto Sax, Benito Gonzalez on Piano, Alexander Claffy on Bass, and E.J. Strickland on Drums I was without my camera though, so unfortunately, no new pics. : single tear : 🙁 Lol. Oh well, next time.

I’m not sure when next I may take pics. I’ll have to contact my friends to see when I can stalk them.

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