Rasheed and the Jazz Collective, Washington Square Park 6/15/2013

So there isn’t much to do at work today, and I sent the time editing photos taken two weeks ago while waiting to see McCoy Tyner at the Blue Note. Before Had I was waiting in the area at the park where Rasheed and the Jazz Collective usually play on the weekends. I spent the day editing those photos to post although I think I was a bit too happy on the color saturation… Oh well, it reminds me of Jazz at would be in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…
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Other than that, I have a ton of new photos to process and move over. The day I went to go see McCoy Tyner I also stopped by to University of the Streets with two of my friends afterward. Neither of them brought their horns but its still good to hang out. ( To the Friend that plays Alto Sax Player, hey, We need to take photos, bring your horn next time so I can shoot you! ) I did take some photos while I was there and I need to start processing those to. Also, I have photos from last night at Smalls, which I will need to send the way of the musicians. While there I asked Dayna if he could ask the band members hes playing with in August if they could allow me to take photos at the Standard. I’m hoping he can get a yes on that. Would be exciting as I don’t know any of the other band members he will be playing with that night.

Tonight I will start to process the photos from Smalls though, so there should be a new gallery coming soon. Also, updates, I’ve added pagination to the Album so its easier to navigate. The list was getting a bit long as I now have 12 gallery’s, and I’m hoping it will continue to grow. I added a tag cloud so you can easily find pictures of specific players or venues. Sometime in early August I should be out to take new photos of a trumpeter I met last night, so that will be another new album that will need to be added… I really do not have the time in the day to edit all these photos…

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