Roy Hargrove at the Village Vanguard

So yesterday, June 30th was my birthday. The birthday plans including going to the gay pride parade down 5th avenue, eating out at Blossom, a vegetarian restaurant on 9th avenue, and then going to see Roy Hargrove at the Village Vanguard. Now, I love seeing Roy. Hes so quirky. I have many friends who have studied with him or have worked with him and I have spoken to him a few times before and after sets hes done at the Blue Note and on days when he randomly shows up at the Zinc Bar.  The first time I met him I was at the Zinc Bar… That day I think I was going to see my friend Fabio play, I see another guy come in with a trumpet, so I started asking him if he plays and then I went into a rant about how I wanted to buy a blue trumpet. He responded “oh it will probably sound horrible” and I said I don’t care, Miles davis had a green one and a red one and he said “but your not Miles Davis!” At this point I argue with him, how do you know what I sound like, I could be BETTER than miles for all you know” ( I’m not, lol.  Far from. No where on the same realm as him ) but after going on with him about this I finally say “by the way, whats your name, and he stops and says: “Roy. Roy Hargrove” : pause : me- “Roy? Roy Hargrove. As in THAT Roy Hargrove?!?!” him- “Yup” me- “forget i’ve said anything to you.” lol. Aw, stupid memories are fun.

Anyways, the set last night was great. He does have an energy to him and a randomness, and I love weird musicians. The other musicians were just as quirky as him and there was just a good chemistry on stage. I was fortunate to be right behind the piano, and I really wish I could have seen some of the other sets in the week that they had played. Unfortunatly the Vanguard doesn’t allow photos, so I couldn’t bring my camera to take pics 🙁 Oh well. In August he will be playing with his big band at the Blue Note and depending on ticket prices I may put it on my calendar to go. I need to get out with my camera.

I will however have new picture uploads soon. Last week I took a trip to the Blue Note to go see Mccoy Tyner, but photography was restricted for that performance too. I did, however spend some time in the park photographing Rasheed & the Jazz Collective before hand at Washington Square Park and then I headed down to University of the Streets to take photos of the session there. I have to process those photos and as soon as I do I will upload them to new galleries. Other than that I am hoping I can get out soon and get back into shooting more people. Soon. Maybe after July is done…

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