Smalls Legacy Band Photos are up

So I’ve uploaded some of the photos taken two days ago at Smalls. I had gone to see the Smalls Legacy Band, featuring Josh Evans on Trumpet, Dayna Stephens on Tenor and Baritone Sax, Theo Hill on Piano, Rashaan Carter on Bass, and Kush Abadey on Drums.

Josh Evans was hitting it hard on the trumpet, only to mention after the show that it is not an easy instrument to play. I know the feeling…. Trumpet is a hard mistress. But it is always an inspiration to see other horn players as it gives me modivation to actually practice in hopes that I can get ok… I would like to play at the session at smalls but I have to get 1000 times better…

That night I almost met another trumpet player, Jonathan Saraga. He has a few gigs coming up in early August which I will try to go and shoot. Other than that there isn’t much on my radar. I’ve got a ton of edits to do and I’ve been tweaking things slowly but surely.

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