Smalls Legacy Band

I am just getting in from Smalls. The Smalls Legacy Band was playing featuring Josh Evans on Trumpet, Dayna Stephens on Tenor and Baritone Sax, Theo Hill on Piano, Rashaan Carter on Bass, and Kush Abadey on Drums. I did take my camera with me so I will be adding pics once I can transfer and process all the (hopefully good) photos. I think i need to find an apartment closer to the city. I love going out to watch people perform, but its an hour to get there an hour and a half to get back and I’m usually upset because I can’t stay to take it all in. There was a session afterwards and I couldn’t stay for any of it because by the time the set I was going to was over, it was already getting to be 1am. Oh well. These things happen.

Anyways, I did what I do and take photos. I ran into a few people i knew that all asked me if I brought my trumpet for the session later. PSH. No. No one wants to hear me play. EVER. I suck. I know I do, and i’m not doing much to try and get better at the not sucking part. Although I do with I had the facility in the horn that the pros have, or eve na quarter of it, meh, its just a hobby ( and a way to flirt with guys. that was my path to getting to know my last crush. it helps when you both play B♭ instruments. Do you have the lead sheet? is a very effective line to use at a session, but I digress… ) ANYWAYS. Yes, I will post photos later. I also met a few new people, and I realize i should probably design some business cards to give out my website. Its easier to explain to musicians since the name does come from only the most common chord progression in jazz. but outside of that I’m not sure the average person would get the reference… oh wells.

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